A Visit to Avalon with missgwenstacy
Brian & Excalibur

The past few days with Gwen had been wonderful, seeing the grounds, visiting London and a few other sites she'd wanted to see across the Isles and simply spending time in her company. Brian liked Gwen for her intellect, good conversation, attractive looks and personality, and it hadn't been as difficult as it might have been to reveal his super hero alter ego to her amid their bedroom passions. He was slightly worried that she could be in harm's way as a result with the handful of enemies he had made over the years as Captain Britain, but thankfully none of those active knew who he was, and besides Gwen had spent enough time in the company of Peter Parker and Spider-Man to know what that felt like. So he wasn't overly concerned.

Sadly all good times must come to a close, and Brian knew that in two days Gwen would have to go home and their ocean clad romance would be settled for the time, at least until he came to visit her, which he had already arranged to not be too long. But he wanted to do something special for their last couple of days together, and so he'd been struck with the idea of using her magical connections to Excalibur to give her a tour of the magic realm his old mentor Merlyn called home. Waking beside her with this thought in mind, he stroked her soft bare shoulder and kissed her gently on the cheek, having slept together among other things every night since her arrival at Braddock Manor. "Gwen, are you awake?"


Brian and Gwen Verse (To be updated)
Brian Poses
Brian invites Gwen to the Manor in England and lots of things transpire between them.

The following day sees Brian and Gwen tour the grounds of the Manor.


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